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A Better Future for Managerial & Exempt State Employees

AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel on September 13 sent an important update and a personal invitation to managerial and exempt employees in Connecticut state service. She announced the new name for our organization, formerly known as AMECSS, and shared the schedule of worksite meetings in mid September to discuss the issues we face.
First, she shared our organization's new name; Managerial and Exempt Employees United ("M+E" for short).
The change reflects the broader community of state employees without union representation eligible for membership. M+E is dedicated to the systematic improvement of working conditions for those of us not currently covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
Second, she invited managerial and exempt employees to one of 11 lunch-time meetings scheduled the week of September 16 at five major state worksites in the Hartford region. They are the next step for us to plan the path forward to a better future for ourselves and the public we serve.
Click here for an updated flyer listing the meeting dates, times and locations (revised Sep. 17).
Regardless of previous membership in AMECSS, all managerial and exempt state employees are welcome to add their voices. This is a historic opportunity to mobilize for the critical protections and collective voice we need — and deserve — on the job.
Click here for Hochadel's original message sent via e-mail.

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